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How Startups and Sodexo Ventures Inspire Sodexo’s Digital Transformation

Belen Moscoso del Prado talks to the OECD about how Investing in Startups Help Drive Sodexo’s Digital Transformation.




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Sodexo Ventures partnerships generate value in multiple ways. They offer a huge boost to startups looking to scale their business. But they also help fuel Sodexo’s digital transformation journey.

Of course, the success of Sodexo’s digital transformation comes from within. It comes from efforts to demystify digitalization and nurture an innovative corporate culture. It comes from encouraging employees to think outside the box and develop transformative solutions.

However, as Belen Moscoso del Prada recently explained in the OECD Podcast “The Technofile”, Sodexo’s digital transformation is also driven by innovative ideas coming from outside Sodexo.

By partnering with startups, Sodexo gets to discover new ideas and cutting-edge technologies. They get to test solutions that address client and consumer pain points and improve their level of service. And by working with Sodexo, startups get access to clients and business knowledge that will be critical when it comes time to scale.

Investing in the Aeye Go smart cashier solution, for example, allows Sodexo to test technology that addresses the consumer pain point of long queues. But it also allows Sodexo to position employees where human interaction will be most beneficial to consumer experiences. Meanwhile, Aeye Go is deploying their solution globally with the help of an impactful partner.

“Over the years, we’ve become experts at making corporate-startup partnership a positive experience for everyone involved,” says Belen Moscoso del Prado. “Maybe the biggest thing we’re learning is how to work together.”

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how Startups and Sodexo Ventures contribute to Sodexo’s digital transformation.

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