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Klaxit, a Sodexo Ventures investment, is now profitable




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After 8 years of work, Klaxit, a company in which Sodexo Ventures invested in February 2018 is now profitable.

Klaxit, is a platform that revolutionizes the daily commute of employees thanks to their car sharing program enabling employees to go from their place of residence to work. Today Klaxit boasts a 70% market share in regional areas (through public subsidies since the adoption of the Mobility Orientation law) and 80% in large companies.

You may ask yourself how Klaxit was able to achieve profitability during the worst year for the transport sector:

  • Klaxit was able during the past year to sign a record number of new contracts, with no less than 14 new cities signing up including Montpellier, Rouen, Angers, Metz, Monaco, Beauvais, etc.
  • Klaxit claims “more than 300 customers”, 13 of which belong to the CAC 40
  • Klaxit also leveraged their extremely resilient economic model: their low fixed costs are financed by subscriptions and their variable costs by trip commissions. Fewer journeys mean fewer variable costs which also means less costs for their customers. Essentially, the income from subsidies from communities and businesses more than offset the reduction in attendance.

With Klaxit being financially independent they strive to build a sustainable model to accelerate the economic and ecological transformation of public transport, by deploying carpooling in all peri-urban areas where self-reliance now reigns supreme. “More than 100,000 monthly trips” are planned.

Klaxit is now counting on an acceleration of the recovery “from mid-May until the start of the September” coupled with back to the office plans of many large companies.

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