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When Brigad Met Sodexo: The Story of a Corporate-Startup Partnership

When Sodexo needed help finding last-minute staffing solutions, they turned to Brigad to develop a successful corporate-startup partnership.




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Once upon a time, Sodexo was having trouble finding last-minute staffing solutions. If one qualified staff member was unavailable for a shift, it was easier said than done to locate his or her replacement. To solve this problem, Sodexo looked to the startup ecosystem to find the perfect corporate-startup partnership. Several startups were working in this space, but Sodexo identified one with the perfect mix of expertise and experience: Brigad.

“We began by surveying staffing startups,” explains Aboudi Rifahi, Digital Transformation Manager. “We stuck with Brigad because they specialized in the service industry and worked with qualified professionals.”

Sodexo’s experience with Brigad began as a pilot. The idea was to test the solution and find the perfect win-win for both startup and corporate partner. We used a top-down approach, setting goals and defining expectations. But we also used a bottom-up approach, moving quickly to try new ideas and see what worked. As a result of this exploration, Sodexo has opened Brigad’s horizons to new markets.

Working collaboratively in this way is how Sodexo Ventures tests the startup’s capacity to impact Sodexo’s business and identify future investment opportunities.

Brigad’s Corporate-Startup Partnership

Brigad joined Sodexo at VivaTech 2019 in Paris. Maxime Drugeon, Key Account Manager, spoke with us to explain how Brigad’s staffing solutions help companies overcome their biggest challenges, and why working with a corporate partner like Sodexo has been so rewarding.

“Businesses need to cope with three main issues today: It’s difficult to find qualified staff. There’s often a big turnover of employees. And some staffing needs are seasonal,” he explained. “We’ve created a platform that provides businesses with qualified staff for both short and long-term missions.”

“By working with Sodexo, we’ve been able to branch out into the sports and leisure and healthcare industries. Our next goal with Sodexo is to expand outside of France and around the world.”

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