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Improving employee health

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Health and Wellness at work

San-Francisco based startup LifeDojo, is a human-centered platform that makes transformative life changes possible for employees everywhere.

Supported by decades of public health research, the LifeDojo approach to employee-driven behavior change delivers lasting health improvement outcomes, higher enrollment, and better engagement than traditional top-down wellness programs.

Empowering employees leads to success: 45% of employees create healthier new habits that stick for more than 6 months.

Life-Dojo’s solution includes:

  • Disease Management
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Evidence-based paths
  • 24/7 Health Advisory
  • Health Analytics


"LifeDojo is an integral part of improving the health of the employees we serve each day"

Alexandra Serizay
Head of Global Strategic Planning, Corporate Services

We joined forces with LifeDojo to bring a workplace wellbeing and coaching technology platform to our family of existing employee engagement solutions. The LifeDojo approach is grounded in public health methods that produce measurable population-level results. So by partnering, Sodexo is bringing life-changing tools to millions of new people. Sodexo and LifeDojo are both passionate, mission-driven companies capable of accomplishing great things together.


Engagement programs that employees genuinely love

Together with the minority investment, LifeDojo and Sodexo signed a strategic partnership agreement. The partnership will target the co-development of tailor-made coaching programs.

The funding also gives LifeDojo the ability to dramatically expand its software platform, mobile app and coaching capabilities in order to better serve enterprises wishing to offer highly effective wellness solutions.


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Year of creation

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Partner Institutions

The LifeDojo behavior change model stands in sharp contrast to the direction pursued by many competing vendors due to its emphasis on employee choice, customized habit change paths, and technology-enabled live coaching.
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Expansion to impact more people

Sodexo's market access and global reach will be key to LifeDojo's expansion, helping it bring lasting health improvement outcomes, fewer sick days, and positive mindsets to the greatest number of people.
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