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French leader in daily carpooling

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Who ?

Environmentally friendly commuting


Paris based startup Klaxit brings together drivers and passengers for their ride to work, offering commuters an affordable, sustainable and reliable mobility solution.

Klaxit has the biggest daily carpool network in France, with:

  • more than 400,000 rides offered each day
  • 200 clients either corporate companies or local authorities

To create very dense networks of carpoolers, we sell our solution to large companies that aim to increase workplace accessibility and employee quality of life.

We also partner with local authorities to expand their public transportation networks in suburban areas and offer a sustainable mobility alternative for smart cities.

Why ?

“Klaxit gives us a unique opportunity to expand our mobility services offer”

Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps
Group Digital Patnerships VP

Quality of life does not begin when you start working at your desk but as soon as you leave home. Commuting is becoming a major pain points for citizens, companies, and cities. With Klaxit, we share a common vision to improve well-being at work.  Together, we can change employees’ daily lives by allowing them to easily carpool to work. That’s the reason we decided to invest in Klaxit in February 2018.

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What ?

We established a partnership agreement

Together with the minority investment, we signed a sales and strategic partnership with an ambitious business plan. Our common goal is to provide new mobility solutions for corporate clients, whether they are already Sodexo clients or not. By doing so, we create very dense carpool networks that will soon be able to provide Klaxit services in all major French cities.

Sodexo gives us access to 2.000+ corporate clients on the French market

David Di Nardo



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Year of creation

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Daily Rides

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Klaxit in numbers

Launched in 2012, Klaxit has grown quickly and has now more than 30 employees.
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After ?

A partnership to be continued

Klaxit will be expanding their partnership with Sodexo into the co-design of new offers. The ultimate goal is to change EU drivers' habits and have 30% of them carpooling within the next 5 years. Our energy is focused on reducing the number of cars on the road, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing air and noise pollution as well as traffic and stress for everyday commuters.
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