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A Socially Responsible Outsourcing Platform for Artificial Intelligence

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The Humanity of AI

Human-annotated data is crucial to successful machine learning. For example, only with the help of human data-labelers can an AI-powered self-driving car learn to recognize pedestrians, street signs or a potentially dangerous situation.

Isahit provides Artificial Intelligence project owners with a socially responsible platform to crowdsource the human intelligence necessary for their digital projects. It does so by matching digital tasks with women entrepreneurs in developing countries, while providing these women with a professional springboard and opportunities to develop digital competencies. Today, isahit connects more than 160 clients with women data labelers across 25 different countries.


“Isahit is a great partner to accelerate Sodexo’s data journey in a socially responsible way, aligned with Sodexo’s sustainable and inclusive business model.”

Belen Moscoso del Prado

Isahit has helped Sodexo’s Data Lab annotate data including images, sound, video and text to build quality databases to accelerate the delivery of data driven solutions, including the AEYE-Go smart cashier.


“With this partnership, isahit and Sodexo are pushing forward the Tech for Good revolution.”

Isabelle Mashola

Founder and CEO, Isahit


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Driving the Digital Inclusion of Women

Isahit is founded on the conviction that digital education can be a tremendous lever for female empowerment while helping to reduce the digital divide in emerging countries. Isahit is a member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, the global network of job-creating enterprises for disadvantaged populations. By engaging with the GISC, isahit guarantees its support before the end of 2020 to 3,350 people who previously lacked the resources to get good jobs in order to access formal employment.
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