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Self-checkout systems powered by artificial intelligence

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New Generation Points of Sales

Aeye-Go develops self-checkout systems based on image recognition technology, offering both tray and facial recognition options for fast and personalized check-outs.

Using sophisticated high-definition cameras, Aeye-go integrates machine learning software for food recognition, automatically providing price and nutritional information with a quick glimpse of a consumer’s tray.

These new generation cashiers benefit clients by:

  • reducing waiting lines
  • offering personalized nutritional information to their customers
  • optimising onsite operational efficiency

Ultimately, Aeye-Go envisions a seamless catering and retail experience, where customers can track their consumption and adopt healthier food choices.

Aeye-Go is Sodexo Ventures’ first investment in the ecosystem of innovative Chinese startups.


"We are proud to partner with Aeye-Go to bring artificial intelligence and the power of data to our industry"

Belen Moscoso del Prado
Group Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

China is an epicenter of innovation. The partnership between Sodexo Ventures and Aeye-Go in China is an exciting development in our digital journey. It demonstrates our commitment to working with start-ups in local markets with potential to transform the industry. The Aeye-Go solution promotes healthy eating choices, enhances the consumer experience – no need to wait in a check-out line or carry cash, badge or mobile in the restaurant – and helps clients optimize sourcing and reduce food waste.


We agreed on common goals

Together with the minority investment, we signed a sales and strategic partnership with an ambitious business plan. Hand-in-hand with Aeye-Go we will deploy new generation cashiers on our clients sites.

"We collected and tagged 100 million food items to build our database"

Jinwei Le

Founder and CEO of AEYE-GO


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Year of creation

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Check-out systems deployed

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Sodexo sites equipped

A brillant team

Aeye-Go's tech team includes artificial intelligence (AI) doctoral candidates who have published papers in top AI academic summits, and well-known contests such as "Global AI startups challenge" and "Google Cup National mobile application". competition



Geographical expansion

Currently piloted on several Sodexo sites in Shanghai, Aeye-Go plans to deploy the latest version of their check-out systems all around China but also abroad, leveraging Sodexo's international footprint.

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